Mark Johns

Supporting the 135th District of NY State – Webster, Penfield, Fairport / Perinton, and East Rochester

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve this district… Thank you very much for your support” – Mark Johns

Mark has a perfect voting record – He has never missed a floor vote or a session day in the six years he has served in this position. 

Reforming New York

  • TERM LIMITS – Mark Johns has introduced legislation for term limits in NY and is a strong supporter of this initiative.
  • Supported six on-time budgets that cut billions of dollars in wasteful spending
  • Voted for the lowest middle class tax rate in New York State in nearly 60 years
  • Secured almost $300 million in economic development funding for our region
  • Restored cuts to the EPIC pharmaceutical program for seniors
  • Reinstated funding for programs that help the developmentally disabled
  • Put a cap on the amount that counties will pay toward Medicaid; Future increases in Medicaid will be paid for by the state.

A Plan for Our Future

  • Continue to push for Term Limits
  • REAL Campaign Finance Reform
  • Eliminate Gerrymandered Districts
  • Continue to fight for lower taxes for homeowners and businesses
  • Make New York State more business friendly
  • Enact mandate relief for local governments
  • Make government more efficient
  • Continue to push for legislative equality (S.O.L.E. Act)
    • (Single Opportunity to Legislate Equally)

Republican * Conservative * Independence * Reform Party

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